"Gather 6-10 friends for a short dinner and show in your home!"
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen
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Artist Image 2 Refreshing, Diverse, Lyrical

Member since: 2014-06-10
Home: Bonny Doon, CA, US
Frequently Tours: US coasts, Midwest, Canada, Europe.
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar, violin, harmonica
Other Instruments: viola, mandolin, 12 string
Genre: Lyrically refreshing and musically diverse Roots-Folk
Style: Varied dynamic, fun and flowing.
Content: none Life, Love, Lessons, Humour.
Rating: G - PG
Glory in My Soul
Little Bird
Sure Fire Way of Taking

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"...beautiful rapport...judicious violin...Frechette and Thomsen maintain absolute harmony while jumping from genre to genre...fascinating undertones and range...phenomenal guitar playing ...prodigious players (with) songwriting that sets them apart..." -Penguins Eggs

"...the best songwriters I've heard in a long time..." - Sing Out

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Recommendations from hosts

September, 2017 - "Our two lovely new friends can come to Tureby anytime they want to! We had the great pleasure to host a houseconcert with Laurel & Dan. Two very musically gifted and technically great singers/musicians, filled with passion and talent !!! They ...

Trying to fill these important dates

MD,VA,NJ/US: Nov, 2017 (dates: various) - East Coast Tour 2017!

CA/US: Feb, 2018 (dates: various) - Back in CA!


Meeting via a chance YouTube sighting, and fueled by an undeniable musical chemistry, eclectic Roots-Folk songwriters Dan Frechette, guitar/harmonica/vocals, and Laurel Thomsen, violin/vocals, prove that musical magic is “a match made in heaven” (Monterey Herald). "Lyrically refreshing and musically diverse," since teaming up in 2013, this Canadian-American duo, now based in Santa Cruz, California, has toured the U.S. and Canada extensively, playing theaters, living rooms, folk festivals, includ...

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