"Gather 6-10 friends for a short dinner and show in your home!"
Kelley McRae
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Artist Image 2 2016 Kerrville New Folk Finalists

Member since: 2013-07-15
Home: Austin, TX, US
Frequently Tours: The USA, coast to coast, Europe
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, acoustic guitars
Other Instruments: harmonica
Genre: Americana, Folk, Indiefolk, acoustic singer/songwriter
Style: Varied acoustic
Content: Mainstream positive
Rating: PG - R
Land of the Noon Day Sun
If You Need Me
Johnny Cash

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“Kelley moves effortlessly...from songs of loss and decay to hymns of love and grace.” - Paste Magazine FOUR STAR Review “The last songs that made me cry.” - filmmaker Wim Wenders to the San Francisco Chronicle “McRae is the real deal, bringing some rare depth to the newschool Americana genre.” – New York Music Daily

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Recommendations from hosts

November, 2016 - "Kelley's voluminous voice, only accompanied by Matt's guitar, virtually filled our venue and the audience was visibly enthusiastic about the performance. From start to finish, the audience was under the musicians’ spell. We do not charge any entra...

Trying to fill these important dates

KY,OH,IN/US: Mar, 2017 (dates: 3/17) - Between Knoxville, TN and Kent, OH

FL/US: Mar, 2017 (dates: 3/26, 3/29, 3/3) - a couple dates left on our FL tour



Kelley McRae grew up in Mississippi but called Brooklyn home before teaming up with guitarist Matt Castelein in 2011, when the duo traded in their NYC apartment for a VW camper van and hit the road. Thousands of miles and hundreds of shows later, they've toured coast to coast in the US, played to packed rooms across Europe, sold-out the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, have taken the stage at major festivals like the Kerrville Folk Festival in TX, and were named CIYH Artists of the Year in 2014.

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