"Gather 6-10 friends for a short dinner and show in your home!"
Mare Wakefield and Nomad
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Artist Image 1
Artist Image 2 Award-winning, Americana-folk duo

Member since: 2014-03-03
Home: Nashville, TN, US
Frequently Tours: lower 48
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Other Instruments: piano
Genre: contemporary folk, americana, singer/songwriter
Style: rootsy folk + lovely piano
Content: none story-songs & sing-alongs
Rating: G - PG

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Little bit old country, a lot contemporary folk a la Dar Williams or Patty Griffin. Lovely voice and even lovelier songs ~ New York Times

Musically sophisticated, weaving elements of jazz & bluegrass into their compositions. Don’t pass up the chance to see them perform ~ San Francisco Bay Guardian

You’ll be astounded ~ Maverick Magazine UK

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Recommendations from hosts

March, 2017 - "Mare Wakefield and Nomad were without a doubt one of our best outdoor house concerts thus far. Their relationship with each other on stage, and music captivated our entire audience. They were personable, funny and fresh. I would highly recommend thes...

Trying to fill these important dates

CA/US: Sep, 2017 (dates: 7-19) - house concerts or dessert & song

AZ/US: Sep, 2017 (dates: 21-30) - house concerts or dessert & song


Mare Wakefield & Nomad were 2016 & 2015 finalists at the Kerrville Folk Festival's NewFolk songwriting competition, and "Emerging Artists" at the 2015 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

“Daddy was a seeker,” says Mare Wakefield. “Eventually he became a Salvationist minister. Mama was some kind of gypsy, loving nothing more than a long, clear stretch of open highway.”

Mare was born with wanderlust embedded in her DNA, and lived in 8 different places by the time she was 10 years old. ...


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