"Gather 6-10 friends for a short dinner and show in your home!"
Melissa Greener
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Member since: 2008-06-10
Home: Nashville, TX, US
Frequently Tours: All regions of the USA, Canada & Europe
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Style: Groovy poetic, finger-style guitar
Content: Mainstream the human condition
Rating: PG - R
Bullets to Bite
Cold House
Angel from Montgomery

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"A glorious and utterly distinctive voice, an accomplished guitarist and an arresting songwriter."-Acoustic Guitar Magazine(USA)

"Greener succeeds in painting superb portraits of the human condition - hers and ours"-Maverick Music Magazine(UK)

"Beautifully symmetric work, that makes writing songs look like painting"-Alt Country Forum(NL)

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Recommendations from hosts

May, 2017 - "This woman can sing!! What a great artist with a bounty of her own music and the skill to execute the music of others. My guests loved her and we hope to have her back soon. Melissa made sure this was an easy event to put together and conducted hersel...

Trying to fill these important dates

BC,AB/CA: May, 2017 (dates: 10-22) - I'm game.. anywhere in BC or Alberta!

Italy: Sep, 2017 (dates: 24-) - I'll be coming from teaching a songwriting workshop on Crete, then touring up through Europe to the

Cold House


"To be a seeker is a profound gift. It is ones greatest soul quality." - Maryann Russell Nashville based singer songwriter Melissa Greener has that distinct equine quality of being able to magnify and reflect your senses back at you, forcing you to confront, and surrender to them. A seeker through song, she fixes her gaze inward only to discover the universality in us all; dancing the blurred line between the defects and the divine. "Greener paints superb portraits of the human condition"...

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