Recommendations for Kray Van Kirk

June, 2017 - "Kray is an engaging musician with a grand sense of humor and great stories. His guitars are beautiful and clear. We were spellbound and happy with all of his songs. We definitely want him back."
(H. Lipson)

June, 2017 - "Great show! Kray was a Gentleman."
(F. Robles)

April, 2017 - "Kray put-on a great show for us. His guitar playing is amazing and his songs are heartfelt and moving. He has a great sense of humor and is easy-going. My audience enjoyed him and his music. I would highly recommend him."
(B. Raymond)

April, 2017 - "Kray was wonderful! With a great voice, talented musician, great sense of humor, our audience loved him! He is also a genuinely nice guy. He was a pleasure to host. It was a great way to kick off our 4th season. We will definitely have him back! If you are thinking about hosting Kray you won't regret it. Lucky are those hosts on the west coast."
(T. Chara)

March, 2017 - "Kray brings a unique combination of renaissance troubadour mixed with new world folkie. If you let yourself be transported in time, the stories are compelling and the musicianship is first rate. A joyful and engaging performer."
(F. Snyder)

January, 2017 - "Kray captivated the audience with his ballads and witty humor. He has a wonderful sense of storytelling and weaves both story and music together in a beautiful way."
(K. Ziegler)

November, 2016 - "What a lovely evening! Kray Van Kirk is a consummate guitarist; a comfortable, talented performer; a wonderful songwriter and an easy guest. From the initial contact through the morning farewells, Kray was professional and personable. His performance was very well received and we hope to see him again soon."
(M. Hackett)

October, 2016 - "Kray was a great favorite with my audience even though his music is much different than our usual. He uncovered a breadth of musical interest in my attendees I hadn't known. He'll do it for your audiences, too. Great pipes and instrumentalist - including his 12-string - whose clear melodies and evocative lyrics made us all want to sing - or at least hum - along. He's a confident performer willing to challenge the audience and they loved it. A truly committed troubadour from outside the lower 48."
(R. Closson)

July, 2016 - "Ray van Kirk is one of our favorite artists to present. He has performed here 3 times, and we welcome him back every couple of years. He is easy to work with, and his songwriting is both moving and beautiful. And his shows are fun!"
(M. Cantlon)

February, 2016 - "Kray played to a packed house. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed him with comments: "really enjoyed his musical renditions, his personality, great voice, captivating guitar." Some have asked "when is he coming back?" It was comfortable having Kray in my home, and I would recommend him to anyone. He even got down on the floor and played cards with my 4 and 8 year old grandkids. Thanks for coming, Kray!"
(D. Bodeux)

April, 2015 - "Such great songs, technical excellence, and lots of fun! We love having Kray perform."
(M. Cantlon)

January, 2015 - "Kray delighted our audience with wonderful guitar artistry, lovely tenor voice and uplifting song writing. (And a great sense of humor). He quickly connected with our audience and held them for the entire 60 minute concert. Would recommend him for any house concert."
(H. Weiner)

September, 2014 - "All I can say is Wow! What a great, professional, and personal entertainer. Kray made this concert so easy to host. I feel there was great communication and follow up. Kray’s songs were entertaining and delightful to listen to. Kray was clean, thoughtful and very friendly. I am super impressed! I would not hesitate to host another show for him."
(C. Redmond)

July, 2014 - "Kray van Kirk said our concert was a "howling good time." It was, and only he could have made it that way. He is such a great singer, story teller, and master of the 6 and 12 string guitar. No one wanted to leave after the music was done - they all just wanted to hang out and chat about what a great time was had by all. If you get the chance to book this fantastic entertainer you and your guests won't be disappointed. Thanks Kray, Coyote Music is proud to have hosted you."
(J. Borger)

May, 2014 - "Our entire audience was glad they attended this concert. We all liked it so much we're working on having Kray return, possibly in March. His lyrics are evocative, his melodies are moving, and he is a remarkably congenial, and flexible individual. This is an artist worth seeing."
(M. Cantlon)

March, 2014 - "Kray played our March 2014 concert and what a joy! He entertained the audience with exceptional guitar playing and impressive vocals! His love for what he does was evident in his powerful lyrics and his story telling. My audience wanted more....he played for 1.5 hours and sat around with my family after the show. He gave some wonderful encouraging words of wisdom to my niece who is an aspiring musician! Book him if you can!"
(D. Mathews)

March, 2013 - "We've hosted Kray for both Dinner and Song and a House Concert. I highly recommend Kray as an artist to book. He's a smart guy (a PhD) which makes for witty banter, his guitar playing is solid, his voice is just amazing. His original tunes are engaging stories that take us to other places lyrically. He's also spent the night with us and is a great house guest. I wish he didn't live so far away because I've felt like I've known him for years. Book him!"
(S. Nevin)

August, 2012 - "I had the delight of having Kray perform at my very first house concert...a Dinner and Song evening. Kray was full of stories about the songs and his life as well. My friends and I were well entertained by his lovely voice singing moving songs with great guitar playing. He was very responsive to our questions. I recommend this warm and friendly artist for your concert!"
(C. Suveda)

August 2010
Kray Van Kirk blew into town from Juneau Alaska last Sunday like a cool refreshing breeze on a hot summer day. Wow! What a performance we were all treated to. It was a welcome change from the usual-run-of-the-mill singer-songwriters who have lately been frequenting the stages of local folk venues. Kray has it all; a sweet and rich tenor voice, superior musicianship on the 6-string as well as the 12-string graphite guitar, cleverly crafted lyrics that are well thought out, and a fantastic rapport with the audience that is peppered with a good-natured sense of humor. When you listen to Kray Van Kirk perform you get the complete total package all rolled up into one. Kray has set the bar very high. It is what all other singer-songwriters should aspire to. Alaska's best kept secret is now out of the bag.
(S. Zeller)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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