"Build name recognition for your act."
Featured Artist Listings

Spotlight your act for one full month on key CIYH pages.

Each month, CIYH features 3 artists on some of the most viewed and important pages of the site. Because there is so much talent here, it's helpful to impress our new visitors and hosts with a few of our best acts - an introduction that makes it obvious that CIYH is a great place to search for talent.

Although these are paid placements, we strive to feature the best acts we can each month. If you are interested in being featured here are some requirements and recommendations.

Requirements for featured acts

Recommendations to help you be selected for feature

Where the featured acts appear:
  1. the Artist Search page, which gets more than 1,500 page views per month.
  2. the Login page, where hosts and artists log in to edit their info.
  3. the "Host Edit" area, where hosts update their info and send us their calendars.
  4. the House Concert Calendars - every state, province and country!
  5. the monthly newsletter and the monthly "6-pack" download

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I get a gig? You should only do the featured listing if you plan on personally reaching out to hosts and following up, which is what you should be doing anyway. Generally, hosts will be more likely to remember, recognize, and respond to you if they've seen your name before. The amount of work you get from your membership is mostly determined by the online presentation of your talent, the number of appropriate hosts you contact, the amount of polite follow up you make, and your ability to go where opportunities present themselves. The featured listing is simply a booster for this process, not a replacement.

How many people will see my listing? CIYH gets from 8-10,000 visitors per month, who view an average of 5 pages each. Each featured artist typically gets 80-110 profile clicks during the month.

How much does it cost, and how do I get considered for placement? It's only $95 for the full month. Email Fran with a link to your profile for consideration.

$95 features your act for an entire month. Please Email fran to reserve your featured spot.

See site (Fall 2009) traffic stats for the artist_search page