"House Concerts - music, audience, no distractions."
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DinnerAndSong is part of ConcertsInYourHome.com

Since house concerts typically happen on weekends, we created DinnerAndSong (DNS) to create more opportunities during the week.

Review the key parts of the DinnerAndSong program, then follow the link to learn more about house concerts, and to join the ConcertsInYourHome website.
  • DNS is a 90-minute program on a weeknight (mon-thurs)
  • 8-12 guests provide a $10 suggested donation for the performers.
  • easy dinner (35 minutes, artists sit and snacks/eats with host and guests)
  • short concert (35 minutes, 1-song encore)
  • host provides food and sleeping area/guest room

Join ConcertsInYourHome.com and gain access to house concert AND DinnerAndSong hosts.

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